So I tried an episode of this a few years ago that too WAY too long to animate due to experimenting with backgrounds and adding extra detail and stuff and as a result I didn’t make any other episodes of it.


Well, here I am again at it again. Only now I have extra restrictions due to Youtube, well being Youtube. Limited violence, little to no swears, and a lighter tone. I’m not sure how many episodes of this I’ll make. I might try 3 and see how they go, but I need more views folks. I usually get a good couple hundred or so and thats good, but I need a little more than that in order to grow and stuff.

So for now lets say if this first episode can get me 400 views in its first week I’ll give you guys 3 more episodes, instead of just 2. I dont like to really ask anything from you all on my work really, but I need to grow my Youtube channel a little more in order to increase my online presence some.

I’m playing catch up on like 3 half/mostly finished toons right now and trying to be careful with my tendonitis as well as working on Swords n Skulls and finishing this weeks Joy comic. O.o;


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