Swords n Skulls AI test

So here is a new video showing some of the new progress in the game.

The enemy AI has been updated to chase the player character around now if shes a certain distance, and their tracking has improved. Their thrust attack has been updated so its a little slower and more telegraph-able.

I updated the background graphics of lvl01 so that theres a little more variety to the stages look. Several player animations have been updated, including the new 3 hit combo, which is finalized and you can also see a little bit of knock back on certain attacks.

The 3rd hit of the Player combo sends enemies flying back, the enemies thrust attack knocks the player backward, and the dagger now causes enemies to collapse in place when they’re hit  by it. These aren’t finished yet but they’re getting close.

The last few player moves to implement are the Dash attack,  and the two Power meter moves. The Power Meter itself is coming up soon as well, you can see the meter bar graphic on the bottom right of the video.

I’m sure by now people are tired of seeing videos of lvl01 and want to see more but until we polish off the last few player moves, Power meter and enemy AI, this is it. Thankfully there are 2 programmers working on this instead of just 1 and progress is pretty good. There is a lot more to how we’re approaching this game and I’ll end up making a video explaining what we’re trying to do.


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