Breached, and other updates.

So this little project is getting under way, the idea is to have a survival horror comic about a woman named Shasta who is trapped in a distorted and warped world. Time is reset with the help of a Friend  who is helping her navigate the dangers of this place.


I’m only going to do 1 chapter for now as I don’t quite know where things are headed with this yet, but I have the first small section done. I might make this a kinda of Visual novel game later.

The new art style you see as well as the odd tone of the promo images is all experimental and things wont be as light as they appear now.

Swords n Skulls has hit a bottle neck at the moment, the programmers are both quite busy now so the game is on hiatus for now. 99% of the animation and graphics are done, most of the music is too and while we hoped to have a small demo out a week ago, it just isn’t in the cards right  now.

I’ll keep you updated when we can get more work on it done.


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