Breached on Webtoons contest

Heres the first half of chapter 3 of Breached.

Give it a read, things are picking up. This comic is in a contest at Webtoons.

I started late into this contest, didn’t even know about it until I posted the first chapter of Breached. So 5 chapters, 40 panels per chapter.

I have until September 13th to get 42 pages finished for a contest. Yeah, thats right. 42 pages at 3 panels per page. 126 panels.  Now I have 7 of the 42 finished(and 1 line art done) so I’m making decent progress here. I should be able to get 10 or so pages done a week at the minimum.

So for this month I’ll only have 1 new joy comic in order to finish the stuff for the contest.

I know this type of comic isn’t exactly what people are interested in, but I started this comic for me.  If you like it or just want to support me in this contest, check it out and give me a vote!



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