First chapter of Breached is live.

Since no one has been interested in it on my patreon I figured I’d post the whole thing for now and see what people think. So heres the first chapter.


Breached, and other updates.

So this little project is getting under way, the idea is to have a survival horror comic about a woman named Shasta who is trapped in a distorted and warped world. Time is reset with the help of a Friend  who is helping her navigate the dangers of this place.


I’m only going to do 1 chapter for now as I don’t quite know where things are headed with this yet, but I have the first small section done. I might make this a kinda of Visual novel game later.

The new art style you see as well as the odd tone of the promo images is all experimental and things wont be as light as they appear now.

Swords n Skulls has hit a bottle neck at the moment, the programmers are both quite busy now so the game is on hiatus for now. 99% of the animation and graphics are done, most of the music is too and while we hoped to have a small demo out a week ago, it just isn’t in the cards right  now.

I’ll keep you updated when we can get more work on it done.

Swords n Skulls

Showing off lvl01 starting with the cutscenes at the start of the game and some bits of AI and combat. Still have a lot of work to do on combat and other things but as you can see enemies can put up more of a fight now.


Small Swords’n’Skulls page update

I made a small adjustment to the page explaining the 3 classes of enemies in the game and how my team and I are trying to make them operate on the battle field.

Right now the Grunt character is the one who is most finished as an enemy unit, although technically the scorpion is too, but hes a pest enemy and not quite a full class.


Swords n Skulls AI test

So here is a new video showing some of the new progress in the game.

The enemy AI has been updated to chase the player character around now if shes a certain distance, and their tracking has improved. Their thrust attack has been updated so its a little slower and more telegraph-able.

I updated the background graphics of lvl01 so that theres a little more variety to the stages look. Several player animations have been updated, including the new 3 hit combo, which is finalized and you can also see a little bit of knock back on certain attacks.

The 3rd hit of the Player combo sends enemies flying back, the enemies thrust attack knocks the player backward, and the dagger now causes enemies to collapse in place when they’re hit  by it. These aren’t finished yet but they’re getting close.

The last few player moves to implement are the Dash attack,  and the two Power meter moves. The Power Meter itself is coming up soon as well, you can see the meter bar graphic on the bottom right of the video.

I’m sure by now people are tired of seeing videos of lvl01 and want to see more but until we polish off the last few player moves, Power meter and enemy AI, this is it. Thankfully there are 2 programmers working on this instead of just 1 and progress is pretty good. There is a lot more to how we’re approaching this game and I’ll end up making a video explaining what we’re trying to do.

Swords n Skulls playtest

So the game got updated recently:

Player can now pick up items, and throw dagger projectiles.

The 3rd breakable object, a barricade, was also added. I’ve decorated the stage with objects to smash up(that also spawn items: Food, Poison food, grunts).

As of now the lvl 01 demo is about 2 and a half minutes or so. I’m hoping that we can get it up to about 4 minutes of gameplay.

A swords n Skulls vid.

So here is some alpha footage from Swords n Skulls. A few adjustments to lvl 01 have been made as well as the addition of hit sparks when a player, enemy, or object is struck.

The music you hear is in game, although the voices for when someone is hit aren’t quite finalized yet. Part of the plan for this game is to create the look and feel of a nes/Gameboy color game. Got the look down, got the music down, the sound effects aren’t final though. More work for later!


So I tried an episode of this a few years ago that too WAY too long to animate due to experimenting with backgrounds and adding extra detail and stuff and as a result I didn’t make any other episodes of it.


Well, here I am again at it again. Only now I have extra restrictions due to Youtube, well being Youtube. Limited violence, little to no swears, and a lighter tone. I’m not sure how many episodes of this I’ll make. I might try 3 and see how they go, but I need more views folks. I usually get a good couple hundred or so and thats good, but I need a little more than that in order to grow and stuff.

So for now lets say if this first episode can get me 400 views in its first week I’ll give you guys 3 more episodes, instead of just 2. I dont like to really ask anything from you all on my work really, but I need to grow my Youtube channel a little more in order to increase my online presence some.

I’m playing catch up on like 3 half/mostly finished toons right now and trying to be careful with my tendonitis as well as working on Swords n Skulls and finishing this weeks Joy comic. O.o;