2XXX layering video

Just a video showing off the layering process, or at least some of it, on the 2XXX toon I’m trying to finish. I spent about a week or so just on this one shot alone.  Getting the right motion and stuff isn’t always easy. Not to mention dealing with all the smoke from the Camp fire. Even though I’m like 3 and a half hours away its pretty bad and has drenched most of California it seems.


Breached chapter 7 is live

Heres chapter 7.

I lost some work on the latest Joy comic and have to redo some art, so thats gotta get redone. Happy belated Halloween, tried to get this up earlier but was fumbling to finish 2 panels -_-

Chapter 6 of Breached is live.


Chapter 6 took longer than planned and due to my tendonitis injury I had to take a break from working on this. So I’ve also simplified things a little by going to black and white instead of coloring. I also gotta do the initial 72 pages as black and white now as well and am touching up some art.

Chapter 6 is short but moves the story on to the next arc.

Deleted the facebook group.

I don’t think there’s really any point in having it. I’ve never really managed to be able to get the page to grow or anything really and that was kind of the point of it. Besides I don’t seem to generate enough content to really merit having it. So I’ll keep my dinky website and patreon page for now. With how long its taking me to get anything done as well as the interruptions from real life I’m not sure what my future is going to be as I don’t have my focus and my drive is kinda ‘meh’ these days.

I opted to delete the group instead of letting people know I was going to because I didn’t want to get second thoughts on it and have another year or so of it meandering. Sorry for the surprise.

Chapter 5 of Breached is done.

Well, I did it. got all 72 pages done in about 6 weeks. Very tiring, I meant to post the news here 2 days a go when I finished it up but was exhausted and had to rest up. I made the deadline for the competition


So chapter 5 is live.

I’m going to slowly get back to other projects as I wind down some. I’m rethinking my approach to toons as well as I look towards the future. I think I’m going to re-design Joy and co. as well for some future toons that will be weirder and stranger for the sake of differentiating them from the webcomic some as I’m embracing the cartoony aspect of animating her more.


Breached Chapter 3 is done.

So I finished chapter 3 the other night, forgot to update it here on the website. I have 2 chapters left to finish in this contest before the 13th. Thats 28 page in about 3 weeks of time :/

Its an awful lot of work to get all this done and I wish I knew where I stood in the contest but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Support me if ya can!



Breached on Webtoons contest

Heres the first half of chapter 3 of Breached.


Give it a read, things are picking up. This comic is in a contest at Webtoons.

I started late into this contest, didn’t even know about it until I posted the first chapter of Breached. So 5 chapters, 40 panels per chapter.

I have until September 13th to get 42 pages finished for a contest. Yeah, thats right. 42 pages at 3 panels per page. 126 panels.  Now I have 7 of the 42 finished(and 1 line art done) so I’m making decent progress here. I should be able to get 10 or so pages done a week at the minimum.

So for this month I’ll only have 1 new joy comic in order to finish the stuff for the contest.

I know this type of comic isn’t exactly what people are interested in, but I started this comic for me.  If you like it or just want to support me in this contest, check it out and give me a vote!