Small Hap Hazard update

You can read about it here.

As you can see I finally updated the site with a new Joy comic. Still fumbling to finish up the last chunk of them before I’m actually done with the comics, outside of creating some new content for the eventual Joy book that will end up being printed.

I also have a SMIDGE of news regarding swords and Skulls but that will have to wait. I’ll have a small stream on my youtube channel about stuff later this week.


Breached Chapter 10 is live..

Well here is chapter 10. I meant to have this done a week ago, but instead I got a lot of migraines from the continuing storm and a tooth ache…Which turned out to be an infected tooth that had to get extracted. So my health was down most of this week and I wasn’t able to get much done as a result.

But now that I’m almost there I’m getting my steam back. Got Breached ch 10 live, an can finish the Joy toon so I can make space for other projects. Rough start to the new year, but I’m back to being me at the least.

Second layering 2XXX clip

The toons is up to 90 seconds. I think it will be about 3 minutes or so by the time I finish.This was going to be episode 1, but I think it would be better as episode 2. A short 3 or so episodes of this character and showing her and the world off will be it for series 1. I’m trying to simplify episode 1 some more so I can get more progress done a little faster if possible. Not certain yet how to condense it yet.

2XXX layering video

Just a video showing off the layering process, or at least some of it, on the 2XXX toon I’m trying to finish. I spent about a week or so just on this one shot alone.  Getting the right motion and stuff isn’t always easy. Not to mention dealing with all the smoke from the Camp fire. Even though I’m like 3 and a half hours away its pretty bad and has drenched most of California it seems.

Chapter 6 of Breached is live.


Chapter 6 took longer than planned and due to my tendonitis injury I had to take a break from working on this. So I’ve also simplified things a little by going to black and white instead of coloring. I also gotta do the initial 72 pages as black and white now as well and am touching up some art.

Chapter 6 is short but moves the story on to the next arc.