More Swords’ n Skulls stuff

I’ll have to have a small page on the website for the game done sometime soon explaining a little bit more about this little project. Might have a video about it in a few weeks when my team and I make some more progress. Right now we’re up to 3 basic enemies and 1 boss in the demo. I have 1 more basic enemy, 1 sub boss, and 2 other bosses to get to. This doesnt include all the stage maps, lvl 1s map is 99% done, lvl 2s map is about 50% done. That still leads a few other maps to finish up and maybe 1 more Arena map.


Swords’n Skulls footage

Here is some footage from the game! The footage isnt great as I cant seem to get higher quality captures from OBS. Either way, I hope you like it, to be honest there is still a LOT of work to be done with this. Hit boxes, re-aligning enemy sprites, combat system(only 1 3 hit combo available right now) needs work as well, but for now you can see some of what I’ve been up too the past few months with my crew.


Makin’ a vidya game.

So part of the reason I had to take a breather was due to massive multi tasking. Between animation, webcomicing, and some TF2(Jungle Inferno fun) but I’ve also been working on a hack n Slash brawler for the past…I think 6 weeks or so. It doesn’t have a title yet and is heavily inspired by Golden Axe(my fav beat em up as a kid) but also Double dragon. I have no clue when this will be finished but all the graphics in this quasi Super Deformed game were done by me and its all Pixel graphics…which is why my tendonitis kicked in. Pixel work is really pretty rough and after…41 sprites for the main character(still not done) and 29 frames for 2 enemies as well as character designs that didn’t work and all the frames for the other enemies I’ve designed and backgrounds, background objects and other things.

Teh Game

Hopefully within the next 5-6 weeks we can have the demo ready. The enemies here are place holders the animation for the demo enemies is about 60% done. 4 enemy types and 2 bosses as well as 2 alternate paths for the demo.¬† I’m hoping to be able to make a video and show it off in motion. Even a simple 60 second video.

So this is why I’ve had to take a break from the webcomic and the animation. I bit off more than I could chew and yeah, not fun. working on getting back into my comics and animation!


Getting there!

Next Joy toon is moving forward slowly. I think I’m going to have to change¬† my monthly update schedule to the 3rd weekend off as it takes longer to do a Joy toon than it does an episode of Re-Animated or Toon Fortress.

Joy ep2



Well, my old computer is dying, which is sad as I’ve had it a good 7 years but its time is around the corner. So I’ve been moving files and stuff onto my new/back up computer¬† the past few days. its slowed me down(thus the 2 day delay on the webcomic) but I’m getting there.

I might be a little late on all 3 toons this month though. A day or two off depending on how things go.

Trying to stick to Halloween related content if I can.